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This is a project created for the interaction design course "senses and sensors" . The aim was to produce an interactive prototype demonstrating an everyday product transformed into a personal technology incorporating sensors, to be exhibited publicly.

What we wanted to do was to play with the curiosity of people and the mindset that leads to embarrasement when a certain kind of “bad” curiosity is revealed. In short - to make people fall off thier high horse.

Our design is meant to be placed in a museum. It's formed with two arched walls, creating a small corridore. The backside is black with frosted black text painted on, mirroring the secretive feeling and content of the inside. The big and bold capital letters will of course spell out “DARK SECRETS”. The front is a secrets recording station.

The idea is to build a corridore of whispering walls. But first of all you'll have to contribute to the installation, by sharing a secret of your own. You will see a small stand attached to the front of the installation. On top of the stand, is an old Bible with a hand marked out with lights. A sign hanging on the wall tells you to put your hand on the cover, (as if you were swearing in at court) and whisper a secret into the microphone.

The corridor is narrow and almost completely dark. The only lightsources are the small yellow lights that create a starry sky out of the walls. The only sound is a whispering sound that seems to come from every angle. Many of the yellow lights twinkle, just like real stars do. The twinkling is a clue to find the whispering speakers. To hear what they whisper you have to put your ear to the wall right next to the speaker. Then you can hear the secrets that you and the other visitors has recorded. For how long will you stay in the room? How many secrets will you listen to? Just how curious are you? Will it make you feel ashamed?